The Leftovers Throwback Handheld Game

Help Kevin Garvey protect Mapleton and keep the multiple threats running rampant at bay in this throwback Tiger Electronic game concept based on the HBO series The Leftovers.

Throwback Apple Pippin Mashup

This throwback handheld game mashup was inspired by the well-designed but short-lived Apple Pippin game console. This design is quite a combo — the casing of a Tiger Electronic handheld game, the screen resolution of an iPhone 3G but running iOS 7, and the input functionality of the Apple Pippin controller.

This mashup throwback design was done as an exclusive in honor of a profile by “The Cult of Mac”. If you like this, please feel free to give it a little love on Dribbble.

American Horror Story Throwback Handheld Game

What do you get when you cross a scarily great TV show with two timeless (albeit very different) game systems?

Game of Thrones Throwback Handheld Game

Remember these dandy little units by Tiger Electronic? You know you wanna play this …