Poll Positions

The presidential primary races illustrated in one simplistic image.


A few character illustrations of some owls I created for an exploratory project.

Home Office Illustrated

A snapshot illustration of my ever-evolving home office. Continue reading

My Toolkit Illustrated

An illustration of the many tools you might find in my work bag. Continue reading

Robin Williams

You were truly one of the greats. Each of your roles enlightened the collective world on a different facet of humanity. You will be missed as much as you are celebrated.

Wedding Favor Announcement

Some great (and evironmentally-conscious) friends of mine purchased carbon credits in lieu of a wedding favor in the name of their guests to offset the carbon footprint of their wedding. Smart people like them are what keep the rest of us spinning in orbit soundly.

Save the Date Wedding Postcard

This is the “Save the Date” postcard I drew for my wedding that we hosted in Philadelphia. It tells the mini-story of the lives of myself and my wife and how we met.