Completion Badges

An updated & simplified look to the virtual medals awarded to students for completing various curriculum pathways.

Poll Positions

The presidential primary races illustrated in one simplistic image.

Activity & Indicator Icons

A set of icons created for spots of activity and actions in notifications, chat messages, and menu options throughout an app.


A few character illustrations of some owls I created for an exploratory project.

Community Icons

A set of icons representing various types of communities within an app.

Home Office Illustrated

A snapshot illustration of my ever-evolving home office. Continue reading

My Toolkit Illustrated

An illustration of the many tools you might find in my work bag. Continue reading


iPhone 6 Flat Vector Mockups

Here are some flat vector mockups of the three versions of the iPhone 6 I created for fun.


These iPhone 6 mockups are delivered as a fully-organized PSD files of vector assets. The corresponding PNG preview file is also included.

Login UI Exploration

Just a quick redesign exploration of the login screen for the Mimeo application.


Flat Social Media Icons & Button Style

I’ve created a very comprehensive set of 63 social media icons to use in your projects. I’ve also included an example of a button style as a possible way to add text labels.

This collection of icons is delivered as two fully-organized PSD files of vector assets, one for regular definition uses and one for retina specific uses. The corresponding PNG preview files are also included.


UI Kit (Flat Light)

The lighter counterpart to my previously released dark version of this ui kit. This is one of my biggest collections of common UI elements yet.

Continue reading


UI Kit (Flat Dark)

One of my biggest collections of common UI elements yet, this time inspired from work I have been doing on various projects including the redesign of my own website.

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