B Logo (Rejects)

Along the way to the final version of this logo there were some noble iterations that didn’t make the cut that I thought would be fun to share. Feel free to give it a little love on Dribbble.

Apple Beets Parody Logo Mashup

Another little logo mashup parody sprung from the Apple-Beats partnership. Definitely not meant to be serious, just for fun. If you like it, feel free to give it a little love on Dribbble.

Apples & Beats: Old Meets New

I created this little logo mashup for fun, but beat the drums because this old meets new partnership could rock the industry! If you like it, feel free to give it a little love on Dribbble.

B Logo

The finalized logo for a branding project. I also created two sub-brands of the logo for alternate uses.

B Logo Iteration (WIP)

Some iterations on my previous set of logos for a branding project that I am trying to finalize. The field is narrowing down.

B Logo (WIP)

Just a quick peek at a work-in-progress branding project I am trying to finalize. These logo variations are the finalists thus far.

Mike Donovan Design Logo

Just a quick shot to collect the logo and a few branded assets for this very site.

WorkLearn Studios (Concept Logo)

A quick rework concept logo.

Tamar Barbash, LSW Logo

I designed this logo for a counseling and support site for new mothers, Tamar Barbash, LSW. I was to incorporate a version of the pre-existing “baby face” symbol logo, designed by very talented, Naomi Queen.

TopDog Logo

Some logo and branding elements for the social media competition site, TopDog.

ShipIt Logo

A logo I made for a friend’s startup.