B Logo (Rejects)

Along the way to the final version of this logo there were some noble iterations that didn’t make the cut that I thought would be fun to share. Feel free to give it a little love on Dribbble.

B Logo

The finalized logo for a branding project. I also created two sub-brands of the logo for alternate uses.

B Logo Iteration (WIP)

Some iterations on my previous set of logos for a branding project that I am trying to finalize. The field is narrowing down.

B Logo (WIP)

Just a quick peek at a work-in-progress branding project I am trying to finalize. These logo variations are the finalists thus far.

Mike Donovan Design Logo

Just a quick shot to collect the logo and a few branded assets for this very site.

WorkLearn Studios (Concept Logo)

A quick rework concept logo.

Tamar Barbash, LSW Logo

I designed this logo for a counseling and support site for new mothers, Tamar Barbash, LSW. I was to incorporate a version of the pre-existing “baby face” symbol logo, designed by very talented, Naomi Queen.

TopDog Logo

Some logo and branding elements for the social media competition site, TopDog.

Eyeist Application UI Kit

This collection is the basic UI elements I put together for the workspace application of the photography review site, Eyeist.

ShipIt Logo

A logo I made for a friend’s startup.