Stranger Things Handheld Game

Stranger Things Handheld Game Concept

Help Eleven rescue her friends from the Demogorgon in The Upside Down in this game concept tribute to Netflix’s outstanding show Stranger Things.

Note: The beautiful illustration used on the label is credited to Netflix’s official show artwork.

Completion Badges

An updated & simplified look to the virtual medals awarded to students for completing various curriculum pathways.

Poll Positions

The presidential primary races illustrated in one simplistic image.

Activity & Indicator Icons

A set of icons created for spots of activity and actions in notifications, chat messages, and menu options throughout an app.


A few character illustrations of some owls I created for an exploratory project.

Community Icons

A set of icons representing various types of communities within an app.

Home Office Illustrated

A snapshot illustration of my ever-evolving home office. Continue reading

My Toolkit Illustrated

An illustration of the many tools you might find in my work bag. Continue reading

A Love Letter to Dribbble

A Love Letter to Dribbble

And Advice On How to Let It Change Your Life

Disclaimer: If you’re not into personal stories, you’ll probably want to find another blog post to read today. However, if you love Dribbble half as much as I do and like hearing real stories from actual people — please read on and who knows, maybe you’ll relate.

Continue reading

Doug Stamper's Shuffle Game Concept

Doug Stamper’s Shuffle Throwback Handheld Game

For all you fans of the excellent Netflix show, House of Cards — a little spin-off tribute game for one of the show’s most beloved characters, Doug Stamper.

The Leftovers Throwback Handheld Game

Help Kevin Garvey protect Mapleton and keep the multiple threats running rampant at bay in this throwback Tiger Electronic game concept based on the HBO series The Leftovers.

Robin Williams

You were truly one of the greats. Each of your roles enlightened the collective world on a different facet of humanity. You will be missed as much as you are celebrated.