Throwback iPhone Concepts

I had fun imagining the iPhone had it been created in the likeness of some throwback Apple designs.

New Mother’s Support Site Icons

I designed these icons for a counseling and support site for new mothers, Tamar Barbash, LSW. The top icons are for the areas of focus and the bottom icons are just the general use site icons.

Flat Blueprint Style Icons

This is a variation of my original set of flat miscellany icons. I thought with a few tweaks that these icons would make good blueprint/wireframing assets.


Flat Miscellany Icons

This collection of 24 icons was inspired from an educational project that I was working on. The modified flat style does not use any gradients nor is there more than one main drop-shadow (for the whole icon group).

The entire set includes the following vector icons: calendar, Mac & PC monitors, clock, image file, magnifying glass, map/brochure, stopwatch, crop tool, portfolio, badge/medal, lined paper on a clipboard, graph paper, lined paper pad, ledger/book, moleskin notebook, open book, pencil, colored pencil, highlighter, index cards, moon & clouds, and sun & clouds.

This collection is delivered as two fully-organized PSD files of vector assets, one for regular definition uses and one for retina specific uses.  The corresponding PNG preview files are also included.

Site Asset Collection

This is a collection of the various assets and notable UI components that I designed for use in an educational website.

Tamar Barbash, LSW Logo

I designed this logo for a counseling and support site for new mothers, Tamar Barbash, LSW. I was to incorporate a version of the pre-existing “baby face” symbol logo, designed by very talented, Naomi Queen.

Completion Badges

Virtual medals awarded to students when they complete a course in one of the six defined pathway tracks of a children’s educational site.

Electronica Throwback iPad Concept

Playing around a tad bit more with the concept designs of old meets new. What if the device could only use 8-bit graphics but could also incorporate a bit of the neon led lighting? Who knows, it’s probably horribly inaccurate, but really, so much fun nevertheless!

Legacy iPad Lockscreen Concept

Just having some more fun playing around with the idea of a legacy version of the iPad and a possible accessory stylus.

Throwback iPad Concept

This is another throwback iPad design that I needed to get out of my head.

Legacy iPad Concept

I thought it would be fun to design what an early version of the iPad might have looked like had it existed back in the day of the Newton or the Apple IIe. I tried to remain true to the vision of the Apple designers while balancing the aesthetics and constraints of the time.

Profile Page for Children’s Site

A work-in-progress shot of the student profile page for the Jewish Journey Project.